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Asset Protection

Why do it?

Imagine all the assets you’ve worked so hard to accumulate are taken from you…

Assets not properly protected could be lost if you are sued, you become bankrupt, or judgement is found against you in other proceedings.

Implementing effective asset protection strategies could mean the difference between preserving your wealth or being left with nothing.

Asset Protection

How to do it?

Asset protection involves separating the ownership of assets from an individual or entity that could be at risk from creditors or legal pursuit.

Separation of the ownership can be achieved by purchasing or moving the assets at risk to different structures. Common structures include the use of companies, trusts or self managed superannuation funds, but could be as simple as owning assets in a low risk spouse’s name.

Asset protection is also an important consideration when implementing an estate planning strategy. This could protect the family assets from risk if a deceased estate’s beneficiary suffers a marriage breakdown, becomes under legal pursuit, or is made bankrupt. The use of testamentary trusts, which is a type of trust created by a special will could play an important role in protecting your assets for future generations.


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Asset Protection

Why use us?

One of the main concerns of any new client is whether or not their assets are protected. We review their structure to identify the potential risks and implement asset protection strategies to mitigate or manage those risks.

Our strategic alliance with a leading taxation and revenue law firm allow us to provide results, even in the most difficult circumstances.

Implementing our proven strategies will help protect you from significant losses and ensure that assets are available for the enjoyment of future generations.