Fringe Benefits Tax

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Fringe Benefits Tax

What is it?

As part, or in addition to, an employees salary and wage package, an employer may pay certain benefits to the employee, family or other associates. Fringe benefits tax (FBT) is a tax on employers for these benefits.

Fringe Benefits Tax

What we do?

We will take the time to analyse your business and identify your exposure to FBT. Once we identify your exposure to this we can provide you with tailored advice to minimise any FBT liability. Often structuring the benefit in a different manner could save a lot of tax.

Our expert accountants will guide you through the complicated FBT landscape and ensure you meet all your obligations while mitigating any adverse tax affects.


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Fringe Benefits Tax

Why use us?

We support many large businesses with their FBT obligations. Our effective structuring of transactions will ensure your liability to this tax is minimised.