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Property Tax Advice

What you need?

Many people invest in property and it’s important to have advisors that support you and are there to provide accurate and timely advice when you need it.

Rental property investors usually hold property for a long time and require ongoing advice on asset protection, finance, negative gearing, capital gains tax, PAYG tax variations and other matters that affect the tax benefits they receive from owning a rental property.

Property developers are usually more ‘project’ focused but require similar advice with the added complications of GST, project viability, cash flow forecasts, joint venture arrangements and tax minimisation strategies to increase the yield of the project.

Whether you’re a property investor or developer you need timely advice communicated in plain English.

Property Tax Advice

What we offer?

Crest has been around for over 40 years and boasts a highly skilled team of professionals with an in-depth knowledge of your industry.

The continuity in our team means your accountant understands your circumstances and is able to provide accurate advice as quickly as you need it.

Our advanced knowledge and understanding enables us to communicate the important information you need in a simple and effective manner.


A wealth of Experience amongst a Intermit Team


Generations of Knowledge shared to better inform you


We partner with every step of the way


Forward thinking & Future Proofing


Working closely for the same outcome

Property Tax Advise

Why use us?

A large number of our clients own rental properties or are involved with property developments.

Members or our team own rental properties or have been involved with property developments and thoroughly understand the taxation requirements and opportunities available to you.

Through our personal experience and those with clients we have developed expertise matched by few in our industry.

Whatever property tax advice you require we have specialists available to assist you.