Tax Returns

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Tax Returns

Who needs to lodge?

Most individuals who are employed, in business, or own income producing investments need to lodge an Income Tax Return with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). This can be done electronically and directly through our office. This return reports to the ATO your taxable income to ensure that you have paid sufficient tax on your earnings. If you have overpaid tax, you will be entitled to a tax refund.

Complete this tool provided by the ATO to see if you need to lodge a tax return for 2015.

Tax Returns

What we do?

We calculate your taxable income using your assessable income and deductible expenses. Tax is payable on your taxable income, however if you are employed, your employer would generally have withheld tax on your behalf from your employment income at ATO determined rates. If, after claiming your deductible expenses, we determine your employer has withheld too much tax, the ATO will refund the difference to you.


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Tax Returns

Why use us?

We ensure you get the maximum refund possible and are able to explain, in plain English, deductions and strategies that may benefit you going forward. This ensures you get the biggest possible refund legally possible.

We also like to utilise this time to have a look at your overall situation and advise on any strategies to help you plan for the future.

A visit to Crest Advisors is a vital investment in your financial freedom!