Wholesale and Retail

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Wholesale & Retail

What we do?

At Crest we place great pride in the close relationships we have with your clients. We really get to know their business and it enables us to provide a superior service to our competitors.

We deliver benefits to your industry by:

Utilising our services will help your business stay on track and grow to where you want it to be.


A wealth of Experience amongst a Intermit Team


Generations of Knowledge shared to better inform you


We partner with every step of the way


Forward thinking & Future Proofing


Working closely for the same outcome

Wholesale & Retail

Why use us?

Large chains and international competitors place continuous pressure on product margins and with high requirements for working capital the wholesale and retail industries are amongst the most competitive in our market.

Our specialist advisors will bring you more certainty in a very uncertain environment.

Contact us to arrange a consultation with an industry expert advisor.