Margin Lending

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Margin Lending

Need to Know

A Margin Loan allows you to borrow money to invest while using your shares or managed funds as security. Implementing a margin loan may help you increase your returns but it can also magnify your losses, meaning they are best suited to dedicated investors who actively monitor and manage their investments. The interest charged on the margin loan is also deductible, thereby reducing your taxable income. Individuals looking to increase their tax deductions and investment assets typically consider margin lending. Talk to one of our Lending & Wealth management specialists today to see if a margin loan is appropriate for you.

Margin Lending

How does it Work?

Through getting to know you, your situation and your financial aims, we will be able to determine how we can support you and what type of margin loan will best suit your needs.

Firstly, we meet to establish an accurate picture of your financial situation and what you require from your loan. Most clients use this opportunity to get advice about other financial areas as well.

Next, based on your circumstances and needs, we compare the loan options available to you, using our specialist software to determine which is most appropriate for what you are seeking to achieve.

Finally, we decide on the right loan for your needs together, and should you decide to go ahead with an application, we will prepare the required paperwork and assist you through the entire application and settlement process.

Margin Lending

What are the Benefits to Me?

Potential to increase deduction & returns

Independent assessment

Increased investment exposure

Accredited advisors