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Business Insurance

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At Crest, we understand the devastating impact the loss of a business partner to illness or accident can have on any enterprise, and are dedicated to assisting our clients with the recovery of their business should such unfortunate circumstances arise. With so many eventualities to consider in the case of an unexpected event or illness, it is essential to have an insurance plan in place to protect all those affected and your business.

Business expense insurance offers the assurance that after any serious event you will have the financial means to keep your business moving. By ensuring that your hard-earned assets are protected and your business remains viable, business expense insurance gives you the peace of mind that the cost of all salaries and expenses are covered for the period you are unable to work.

Business expense insurance protects your business by:

Surviving business principal

Enabling the surviving business principal to buy out the financial interest of the deceased business principal or principal who is rendered unable to work by illness or injury.

Lost Income

Replacing lost business income, lost due to the loss of a key person.

Lost Profit

Replacing lost profit due to a business principal being unable to work due to illness or injury.

Business Debt

Repaying business debt as and when they fall due, should business owner be unable to work because of illness or injury.

There is no set value on livelihood and the ability to provide for your family, but at Crest we understand the impact it would have if your income was to stop due to unforeseen circumstances, and can help put measures into place to ensure financial stability at such a time.

Business Insurance

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