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Wealth Protection

Need to Know

What is wealth protection?

At Crest, our clients are our priority, and we understand how important your livelihood, health and income are in assuring your financial security. Wealth protection ensures that you are able to provide for your family in times of need and that any assets that you have worked hard to build are not diminished in the event of a short term setback from illness or injury. There is no set value on livelihood and the ability to provide for your family, but at Crest we understand the impact it would have if your income was to stop due to unforeseen circumstances.

What protection is right for you?

We understand that everyone is different with a unique financial situation and varying requirements, and the cost of protection varies accordingly depending on age, occupation and health. Ensuring security for our clients and their family is their main concern, and we share this focus to provide peace of mind as well as the best possible value.

Our specialist insurance advisors can offer advice on the many different types of personal insurance available to you, the most common of which include:

Life insurance

Total and permanent disablement

Income protection

Trauma insurance

Child trauma insurance

Business expense cover

All types are important components in any solid protection plan, and this total security is vital in ensuring peace of mind for you and your family.

Wealth Protection

How does it Work?

Through getting to know you, your situation and your financial aims, we will develop an insurance plan tailored to your needs.

Firstly, we meet to discuss your financial situation and objectives. Most clients use this opportunity to get advice about other financial areas as well, not just insurance.

Next, we consolidate this information into an insurance and strategy report, creating a clear and concise summary of your situation.

Finally, we plan and strategise with you to formulate a solution based on the insurance options best suited to your circumstances.

Wealth Protection

What are the Benefits to Me?

Expert Advice

Tailored Solutions

Lasting Relationships

Insurance Flexibility